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Chapter 15: Entrepreneur

Edmond and Rebecca

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2.The collection of money to support an identifiable cause.
6.A management skills that helps manage the person's schedules.
7.One of the main objectives of an entrepreneur.
11.Entrepreneurial spirit within a business or an organization.
12.A characteristics that helps the entrepreneur to adapt to change.
13.Most common entrepreneurial characteristic. They do not like to do what they are told.
16.An entrepreneurial characteristic that starts with C.
17.A document that explains specifically how employees should respond in different situations.
19.An entrepreneur characteristic that helps them take chances.
22.A management skill that helps the entrepreneur create a budget.
23.List of information organized by category.
24.A person who starts a venture to solve a problem.
25.An entrepreneur can enroll in this to collection more complex information.
26.A business enterprise involving some risk.
1.People who bring entrepreneurial characteristics to the workplace or organization.
3.A type of venture that can be started to provide for a community's needs. ex.Food bank
4.An entrepreneur characteristic that helps find solution to problems and to create new products or generate new ideas.
5.An e-mail list that distributes queries and information to all the people who belong or subscribe to.
8.A source of information that many families can access at home.
9.Products or services that are made by one company, but they are packaged under another company's brand.
10.The ability to do something specific.
14.An entrepreneur characteristic that helps the entrepreneur continue to work on his product.
15.Hundreds of this type of information source can be found in libraries.
18.A management skill. Entrepreneurs require this before creating the overall business.
20.A conversation, such as one conducted by a reporter, in which facts or statements are exchanged.
21.The ability to understand what others people think and feel.

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