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Lecture 5

DISCLAIMER: The author of this puzzle denies responsibility for unsatisfactory exam performance sustained from studying this.

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1.A widely used component in soft drinks, this drug deactivates the GABA receptor.
3.This form of stress prepares one for a fight or flight response and lasts a short duration.
4.Stress reduces the transport of this to the brain, making the brain more vulnerable.
5.In response to stress, this hormone is secreted by the adrenal glands.
7.Used by the 1997 Hollywood bank robbers, this barbiturate activates the GABA receptor.
8.This form of stress is stretched out over a longer period and is attributed to a myriad of health risks.
9.This peptide is increased by stress and can induce obesity by itself.
2.This endogenous substance increases the ability for GABA to bind to its receptor.
3.This part of the brain is responsible for processing of emotions and can amplify the effects of stress.
6.This type of binding inhibitor prevents GABA from binding to its receptor.

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