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Lecture 6

DISCLAIMER: The author of this puzzle denies responsibility for unsatisfactory exam performance sustained from studying this.

2   3
  5     6           7

4.This type of amnesia is attributed to the inability to form new memories.
5.The aggregation of proteinaceous oligomers causes this disease and both forms of amnesia.
8.This describes the process of converting short term memories to long term.
1.In soldiers, these beta receptors are activated to keep them awake, but doing so in this way worsens the effects of PTSD.
2.Damage to the hippocampus impairs memory for these.
3.This condition describes the inability to recall memories and make new ones.
6.These have been found to be larger in the brains of London taxicab drivers.
7.This describes a person of both limited mental ability and exceptional memory.

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