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Percy Jackson and the Sea of monsters

Thomas Kalinowski

1 2
3         4          
5 6           7               8
9     10                      
    11               12  

3.the main character
4.a friendly satyr and friend to the main characters
6.the only safe place for demigods
9.cannibal giants
11.daughter of Ares
13.the cyclops guarding the golden fleece
14.the 2nd main character
15.a cyclops and percys half brother
16.the mountain of the gods
17.a place in the ocean
1.a several headed creature that hercules killed
2.percys hometown
5.what they go looking for in the story
7.the place where camp half-blood is located
8.the metal that kills monsters
10.evil mermaids
11.the camp director and a centaur
12.magical substance that makes mortals not see the truth

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