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Science Crossword Puzzle

Allison Keeling

I have used vocabulary words from chapters 17, 18, 19, 20. Fill out the blocks by using the clues I have given you.

2                   3
5 6                  
9               10 11  

2.A tough, tight fitting membrane that covers a living bone.
4.the process that breaks down food into smaller molecules.
6.these connect arteries and viens.
7.building block of protein.
8.two upper chamber in your heart
9.tough bands of tissue that forms joints.
12.moves food through the entire digestive tract
13.thin, watery liquid
1.carries oxygen from your lungs to your body
3.gives your body energy.
5.where two or more bones come together.
6.this is a thick layer of tissue that covers the ends of bones.
10.An organ that relaxes and contracts. This gives you force.
11.liquid part of blood

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