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The Wacky Formula One Races

Mr Clifton

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1.How many men are in the ant mob?
3.How many Grand Prix races a year are there?
5.Who drove the Convert-a-car? Professor pat P_______.
7.What is Dastardly's giggling dog called?
9.Who drives car number 5?
11.Where was the fourth Grand Prix of 2012 held?
13.Which country is home to Ferrari?
14.How many Slag brothers drive the Bouldermobile?
15.Who has never won a Wacky race?
16.What colcour are the Ferrari F1 cars?
17.Sergeant Blast drove the asmy car. Who accompanied him? Private M_____.
2.Who is the current World F1 Champion? Sebastian V_______.
4.The chequered flag means the race has f_______.
6.Who won the 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix? S_______ Vettel?
8.The first Grand Prix of the year is in Australia. Which city?
10.Which country does Lewis Hamilton come from?
11.Which country will host the final grand Prix of 2012?
12.What colour is Penelope's car?

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