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Mr. Morris

1         2 3 4 5
  6                           7            
    9   10              
        12 13      
  15         16                
17     18         19    
25               26           27    
31           32                            
33             34                
36             37          

1.French speaking province
6.contains the Great Bear Lake
10.the capital of Canada
11.New Scotland, its capital is Halifax
16.capital of Ontario
20.mountain range in British Columbia, site of the gold rush of 1860 (2 words)
22.Winnipeg is its capital
23.site of the first known Viking settlement in North America (3 words)
25.capital is Fredericton (2 words)
29.largest city in Quebec
31.the territory that borders Alaska and the Beaufort Sea
32.French explorer who explored the site of present day Quebec (2 words)
33.Edmonton is the provence's capital
34.capital of British Columbia
35.forced to leave an area
37.capital of Saskatchewan
2.city in Alberta site of the Stampede
3.the provence that touches the state of Washington (2 words)
4.smallest provence (3 words)
5.Province capital is St. John's (3 words)
7.capital of Nunavut
8.major city in British Columbia
9.area of eastern Canada where the first permanent French settlement was established, which now includes the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island
12.colorful bands of light that can be seen in northern skies (2 words)
13.a natural resistance to disease
14.a tall, carved wooden pole containing symbols, found among Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest (2 words)
15.provence that contains the city of Saskatoon
17.a settlement that springs up quickly, often to serve the needs of miners
18.the cultivation of fish and water plants
19.the provence that contains Niagra Falls
21.nations that border the Pacific Ocean (2 words)
24.Town in the Yukon Territory that grew during the Klondike Gold Rush
26.1st nation name for Quebec
27.major river in British Columbia (2 words)
28.related to navigation or commerce on the sea
30.1st nation territory, it is the northenmost area of Canada

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