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The Digestive System

Emily N. Lewis

Anatomy of the Digestive System

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2.gallbladder empties into
5.Food enters the body
8.Aids in moving food around
13.One of the three glands that releases saliva
15.First section of the large intestines
16.Narrow passageway about an inch long
19.6 to 8 inche long section that collects the digestive remaines
21.a small sac attached to the underside of the liver
23.Extends downward
25.Lies behind the stomach
26.Breaks up the food into small pieces
1.Largest gland in the body
3.S-shaped section of the intestines
4.8 foot section of the small intestines
6.The throat portion of the alimentary canal
7.A collapsible tube from the pharynx to the stomach
9.Located at the end of the stomach
10.Upward section of the large intestines
11.12 feet section of the small intestine
12.Sphincter between the small and large intestines
14.Runs across the abdomen
17.Food is held here
18.Separates the thorax from the abdomen
20.Small projection just off the cecum
22.First section of the small intestines, C-shaped
24.J-shaped organ that is 10 inches long

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