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1 2 3
4   5                
  6                       7    
8         9
    12 13                          
      16 17 18   19
21     22        
    24 25

4.Teaches Eddie love is not lost.
6.The ride thats cape a part and killed Eddie.
10.Another word for brave.
13.This used to be used as a medicine but now is concider a poison.
14.When you do something wrong to someone else you want them do this to/for you.
15.This is a medical problem related to the joints.
20.Eddies job title.
21.A girl he killed at war.
23.Extremely saddened.
26.Colored skin.
27.The Auther.
28.Eddie had this as a medical condition.
1.What attracts people to the park.
2.The name of where Eddie works.
3.People who have a bad back or knees or other bad joints/body parts need this to walk
5.Saw eddies father die.
7.Where Eddie worked.
8.500 Pound woman.
9.Something that eventually happen to everyone.
11.You join this to fight for freedom
12.The main characters name.
14.If you beleave a lot in something you have a lot of this.
16.Master of a war squadron
17.unknown; unperceived; without one's knowledge
18.Something you learn.
19.Where you go when you die!
22.To take as ones own.
24.This is used to connect things together
25.The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger

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