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OB Medications,Lab Tests and Fun Facts

Pamela Hood, MSN, RN, CNE

This crossword puzzle has been designed for the Lakeview College of Nursing students who are currently attending N305: Nursing and the Childbearing Year.

2   3                    
4         5   6     7 8
  9     10   11                        
12             13  
  14     15   16 17   18                  
  20                       21            
    24       25    
  26 27                 28                          
    33 34         35  
            37 38            
42   43                              
        44   45         46
47         48             49                      
  51           52           53       54   55
  57                   58                  

2.Physical therapy ball used for labor positions
4.Uses a sterile balloon within a catheter to dilate the cervix
9.Volume of packed RBCs after centrifugation
11.Removal of male foreskin, usually in a neonate
18.Regional anesthetic for labor infused by pump
19.Back labor
20.Tiny white bumps that resemble whiteheads in the neonate
21.IM med for post-c/s pain
22.Initiation of breathing is stimulated by the clamping of the ____ which increases BP which increases lung perfusion
23.Pressure sensitive device inserted directly into the uterus to measure intensity of ctx
24.37 to 42 weeks gestation
27.#1 IV analgesic for labor pain in the country
28.How low can you go?
29.Measures oxygen carrying component in blood
31.IV med used to tx PIH and PLS
36.Prophylactic tx of infection in baby's eyes (gonorrhea, chlamydia)
38.Touching the infant's lip or cheek with the nipple will elicit the ___ reflex
39.Assist mother in delivery by applying suction to fetus' head
40.FHR drops below baseline
43.Cutaneous fungal infections - candidiasis
44.Labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum
47.FHR baseline < 110 BPM
49.Not FDA approved for use as an induction agent; also tx pp hemorrhage
51.Heat loss in the neonate
53.Rapid plasma reagin; test for syphilis
56.Relaxes smooth muscle to d/c preterm labor contractions
57.Epidural morphine which causes bradycardia in FHR
58.Unique type of adipose tissue found in the neonate
59.Given to Rh negative mother with Rh positive baby
60.First stool that fetus/infant passes
1.Applied to fetal scalp to give direct reading of FHR
3.If the baby does not void within 24 hours of birth, the doctor may suspect ___ impairment.
5.Induction agent per IV that makes the uterus contract
6.Decreases severity of N & V after surgery
7.Non-invasive screen in the neonate for jaundice
8.Liquid Motrin; pain relief after regional anesthesia in labor
10.A collection of capillaries that are dilated on the neonate's face or other body part
12.Yellow pigment derived from hemoglobin release with the breakdown of RBCs
13.This score provides a rapid assessment of the neonate's transition into the world
14.Artificial rupture of membranes
15.Vaginal candidiasis, oral thrush
16.Antagonist for magnesium sulfate
17.A term newborn HR of 130 BPM is considered ____.
25.Stool softener
26.IM med given to pregnant mother during PLS to help mature fetal lungs
30.A generalized edematous area of the scalp most commonly found on the occiput
32.Stool while in utero and for the first few days of life
33.15 x 15
34.Anesthetic injected to numb perineum in preparation for episiotomy
35.Beat to beat variations in the FHR
37.A ___ ___ is used to suction the baby's airway
41.Supplement taken prior to and during early pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects
42."Epidural light"; lasts 45" to 3 hrs
45.Nasal flaring, retractions and grunting when expiring are signs of ___ distress
46.Endocervical suppository for ripening of the cervix for induction
48.The first breast milk
50.Tranquilizer effect; IM and can be given in early labor
52.Tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis; IM given to new mother
55.Black box medication; treats N & V

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