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Account Representative Tour CrossWord Puzzle

Account Represenatives will complete this cross word puzzle following their tour of the Home Office.

1   2     3 4 5
9           10                        
13   14             15
16     17        
      18               19 20  
      22           23                
31   32   33  

1.What brand of Portrait paper is used by Teddy Bear Portraits?
6.What department would be able to supply you with a replacement ID Badge?
7.Who is the Accounting Supervisor?
8.What name was given to the customized software used by the Photographers to edit their images?
9.What department ships orders that are placed at the pass?
11.What department prints the Keepsake portrait?
12.Who makes sure all holds are collected?
14.Who would you likely speak to if you called the main phone number in the morning?
16.Who do we entrust to provide excellent Customer Service to our customers regarding Composites?
18.What department is responsible for ensuring the correct amount of funds are collected from the customer and turned in?
22.How many 8x10 portrait sheets are printed for a standard portrait package?
23.Where are all supplies and inventory stored?
25.Who is the Ops Coordinator for Division 1 & 4?
26.What department was able to put the clothes (and fur) back on our "Naked Teddy"?
27.Who is the Image Optimization Supervisor?
28.What is the most popular free gift chosen by Day Care Directors?
29.What is the current "Keepsake" called?
34.What job title is given to the employees that account for the collection and accuracy of all booking reports?
35.Who orders the preparation and shipment of new photography equipment sets to their respective Trainer?
2.What department sends out Notification Packages?
3.What department is responsible for taking customer calls and making sure they're satisfied with their TBP experience?
4.Who books LCG schools?
5.Who is the person responsible for relaying notes to our photographers on how their work looks?
10.Who determines the inbound and outbound shipping method of each new field employee?
13.What department is responsible for making repairs to our photography table?
15.Who is responsible for entering the free gift into each booking?
17.Who is Vice President of Administration?
19.What color of packaging tape is used for our company to identify boxes?
20.Who makes sure no snot is visible in the portraits?
21.Who would a photographer call if they were having laptop issues?
24.Who is our Logistics Coordinator?
30.Who is Vice President of Operations?
31.Who is responsible for field payroll in division 5 & 6?
32.Who filters all resumes and applications for field positions?
33.Who is the Warehouse Supervisor?

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