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Alana's Crossword Puzzle : )

Alana Krasley

1 2 3
6     7        
12         13
14         15       16              

4.Waves of muscular contnractions that move food through the digestive tract
5.A though, tight fitting membrane that covers the surface of bones
6.A lung disorder in which the bronchial tubes contract quickly and causes shortness of breath
9.The building block of protein
11.Thick, smooth, flexible tissue that covers the end of bones
14.A microscopic blood vessel that connects arteries and veins
16.Irregularly shaped cell fragments that helps clot blood
17.Any place where two or more bones come together
19.A tube that carries urine frm the bladder to the outside of the body
1.The liquid part of blood, made mostly of water
2.The main source of energy in your body
3.A bean shaped urinary system organ that us made up of about 1 million nephrons
7.The chemical in red blood cells that carries oxogen from the lungs to body cells
8.An organ that can relax, contract, and provide the force to move your body parts
10.The mechanical and chemical breakdown of food
12.The muscle beneath the lungs that contracts and relaxes
13.Two upper chambers of the heart that contracts at the same time during a heart beat
15.Tough bands of tissue that hold bones in place at the joints
16.A tubelike passageway for food, liquid, and air
18.The liquid product of digestion

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