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Parts of the body

Owen O' Sullivan

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1.The back of the foot and below the ankle joint. (4)
5.Something that is washed, brushed, combed, dyed or styled. (4)
6.Rearrange these letters to find a part of the leg: h,t,h,i,g (5)
8.Not the back of the hand, it is the other side. It is also a tree. (4)
9.We can see with one of these. (3)
10.You have these on your fingers and toes. (5)
12.Women and chickens have these. (7)
14.When we are embarrassed, this part of our face goes red. (5)
15.One foot, two... (4)
16.It is between the wrist and the elbow. (7)
19.It is at the bottom of our face, in the centre. (4)
22.A very sensitive part of the body for both men and women. (5)
23.The area around your hips. (5)
24.You need a strong one to play rugby. (8)
27.The space between your hairline and eyebrows. (8)
28.You can blow it, pick it; it can get blocked or you can sneeze through it. (4)
30.The joint that allows you to kneel. (4)
32.A male part of the body with two nipples. (5)
33.Not the front of our body, but the other side. (4)
34.It sits on top of our neck. (4)
2.Without these, we would not do much kissing. (4)
3.A part of your arm you put a watch, bracelet or bangle. (5)
4.You only have four of these on one hand. (7)
7.These are useful for standing on. (4)
11.A part of the foot that allows it (the foot) to move independently. (5)
12.It is the nice name for your ass. (7)
13.You cut them regularly, but they are not fingernails. (8)
16.Women like to paint them. (11)
17.Open wide and take your medicine. (5)
18.You put this into a sleeve. (3)
20.This is useful for holding things. (4)
21.Rearrange these letters to find a part of the pelvis: iph. (3)
25.It is not a good idea to step on somebody's... (4)
26.You can wrap a scarf around one. (4)
27.Where we have our eyes, nose, mouth, etc. (4)
29.A part of the hand, but there is only one of them. (5)
31.This helps us listen. (3)

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