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Breast Is Best

Michelle Ryan

Breastfeeding Update 28/6/2012

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4.This must be down and forward for attachment to occur
6.Ridges in an infants mouth
7.This structure in an infants mouth is short, wide and slightly arched
8.This is one of three things a baby must co-ordinate to feed effectively
10.Maternal factor that may challenge breastfeeding
13.Erectile tissue
15.One type of mastitis
16.A baby needs to be able to do this to feed properly
17.Some mothers feel this when letting down
18.First trimester, rapid growth of the ductular-lobular-alveolar system
21.Another name for tongue tie
28.An accredited breast feeding specialist (2 Words)
33.Caused mostly by not draining the breast
34.This tissue secures the tongue to the base of the infants mouth
35.Baby needs the palate to be this in order to breastfeed effectively
1.The nipple sits at this point between the hard and soft palate
2.Mammary gland
3.Australian breastfeeding advocacy organisation
5.Breastfeeding protects baby against this
9.There are only 5-10 of these in each breast (2 Words)
11.Sometimes this is perceived to be low
12.Support organisation offering day stay and residential stays for families
14.Prolactin is secreted in the anterior portion of this gland
19.This should not be painful
20.Breastfeeding reduces the risk of this disease
22.This is clear of the breast when baby is attached correctly
23.Breastfeeding promotes this
24.'Enemy' of breastfeeding
25.This hormone enables milk production
26.This hormone is responsible for the milk ejection reflex
27.First milk
29.Another name for Candidaisis
30.One of three hormones essential for lactation to occur
31.This part of the infants face meets the breast first when attaching to feed
32.Pigmented skin surrounding the nipple

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