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Male Reproductive System


1 2
  3                   4 5
10                 11  
15 16                    
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    24       25      

3.the head of the penis
7.also called the bulbourethral gland
8.now referred to as erectile dysfunction
9.medical term for erection lasting more than 4 hours
10.donut shaped organ that contributes 60% of the ejaculant
12.blood in the semen
13.Set of coiled tubes sitting on top of the testes that connects to the vas deferens
16.emission of semen from the body at the time of orgasm
17.The male sex hormone
20.male organ of sexual intercourse
21.where the testicles reside
22.tube through the penis that carries urine and semen
24.also called the prepuce
26.no sperm count (shooting blanks)
1.low sperm count
2.saclike glands that secrete fluid into the ejaculatory duct
4.waxy substance under the prepuce
5.tail of sperm
6.thick, whitish fluid containing sperm and secretions
11.produces male hormones and sperm
14.the cup like organ that holds urine
15.Bilateral tubes that are cut to perform a vasectomy
18.occurs from increased blood flow and sexual arousal
19.simple sugar that nourishes the sperm
23.liquid waste that is excreted from the body
25.long part of the penis

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