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2.Animal that appears on the Canberra Coat of Arms
6.Designers of the city's layout, Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin, were from which American city (hint:C______o)
7.The Australian flag has the Union _______ in the upper left corner
9.The main foyer of Parliament House has a _______ staircase.
11.Australian political party
12.There is a statue of _________ and his Donkey outside the Australian War Memorial
15.Annual flower show held in Canberra
17._______ Parade is the road that links Parliament House and the Australian War Memorial
19.Animal on the Australian Coat of Arms
23.Colour of the Senate
26.Australian town where Parliament was based before moving to Canberra
27.How you are travelling to the ACT
28.One of the words featured in the stained glass windows in the Australian War Memorial's Hall of Memory
31.Edmund Barton led the _________ Party to a narrow victory in our first federal election
32.ACT based Super 12 rugby team
33.Total number of Justices in the High Court of Australia
35.Old Parliament House is now home to the Museum of Australian ___________
36.Name of the official record of parlimentary debates
38.Australia's first female Prime Minister (2 words)
39.The largest star on the Australian flag is known as the ______________ star
40.Flower found on the Australian Coat of Arms
41.Baulkham Hills is part of this federal electorate
44.The __________ is the floral emblem of the ACT (2 words)
45.Also known as the National Science and Technology Centre
46.The democratic parlimentary system of government used in Australia is known as the _____________ system
49.The __________ Cockatoo is the fauna emblem of the ACT (2 words)
50.Surname of our first Prime Minister and also the name of a Canberra suburb
51.Number of colours on the Australian flag
52.The highest ranking judicial officer in the High Court is called the ______ Justice
1.The Garden of Australian ________ is an exhibit at the National Museum of Australia
2.Number of stars on the Australian flag
3.______, Japan is one of Canberra's two sister cities
4.ACT based NRL team
5.River that flows through Canberra
8.The water jet in Lake Burley Griffin was named after this famous explorer, Captain _____
10.The Australian Institute of Sport is also known as the ___
11.Australian political party
13.The Serjeant-at-Arms carries this into the House of Representatives ahead of the Speaker before each sitting day
14.Voting in compulsory in Australia for people __________ years and over
16.Animal on the Australian Coat of Arms
18.The Royal Australian Mint in Canberra produces this form of currency
20.Type of flower often left alongside names at the Roll of Honour in the Australian War Memorial
21.Charles ______ is the Australian war historian who played a major role in the creation of the Australian War Memorial
22.Judges in the High Court must retire when reaching this age
24.Mount _______________ is the mainland Australia's highest point
25.The event in 1901 that saw our country recognised as the Commonwealth of Australia
27.The place where we are staying during our trip to Canberra (3 words)
29.The member of parliament who represents the Hills district (2 words)
30.Room in Parliament House that has special tapestry hanging in it
32._______, China is one of Canberra's two sister cities
34.Star design on the Australian flag
37.The area around Parliament House is known as ______________ (2 words)
42.Black Mountain Tower, the telecommunications tower/landmark in Canberra, was previously known as _______ Tower
43.There is a pair of animal statues just inside the front entrance of the Australian War Memorial featuring this type of animal.
47.The Australian ______ is where our money is made
48.There are __________ senators from each state elected to the Senate
49.Colour of the House of Representatives

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