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1 2    
    3         4 5
7 8 9           10          
11               12   13                  
16               17                    
18                 19 20  
23     24  
  25 26                              

2.Acids change the litmus paper color to ?
3.O is the symbol for which element?
9.Groups 13-17
11.What kind of charge do protons carry?
13.Gas to solid
14.What kind of charge to neutrons carry?
15.Al is the symbol for which element?
16.Densest state of matter?
17.Liquid to gas
18.Group 18 (2 Words)
21.Inventor of the periodic table (2 Words)
22.2nd densest state of matter?
26.Groups 3-12 (2 Words)
27.K is the symbol for which element?
1.First element on the periodic table
2.Which side are non-metals on the periodic table?
4.What kind of charge do electrons carry?
5.Group 2 (3 Words)
6.Most electronegative element
7.Least dense state of matter
8.H2O is commonly known as?
10.Elements are arranged by (2 Words)
11.Rows on the periodic table
12.Which has a greater atomic mass, Helium or Chlorine?
15.Group 1 (2 Words)
19.Solid to gas
20.Bases change the litmus paper color to?
23.Columns on the periodic table
24.Xe is the symbol for which element?
25.Which side are the metals on the periodic table?

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