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Life of Pi Crossword

Book Author: Yann Martel

1 2
4         5      
9 10                    
      15 16  
18         19    
20     21      

3.Where Pi hit solid land (p. 315)
4.The last name of the senior interviewer of Pi in Mexio (p. 321)
10.The religion of the school Pi attended (p. 79)
12.The name of the zoo's tiger starved for three days (p. 39)
14.Pi's foster mother in Toronto (p. 54)
17.The name of the 450-lb Bengal tiger (p.117)
18.Pi are the cook's heart and _______ (p. 345)
20.The religion that Pi followed that required a prayer rug (p. 64)
1.The main characters full name (p.13).
2.Pi's first large fish killed (p. 204)
5.The name of the Japanese boat that sunk (p. 351)
6.The animal that ate the zebra (p.138)
7.The fruit Pi said floated and proved his theory correct (p. 325)
8.The animal's name that approached the lifeboat on a mountain of bananas (p. 123)
9.The animals Pi saw at the algae and tree island (p. 294)
11.Where Pi became a Christian (p. 63)
13.Who was the tiger symbolizing in the realistic story? (p. 346)
15.Richard Parker's second kill on the lifeboat (p. 169)
16.A family friend, Pi's swimming mentor and the inspiration for his name (p. 8)
19.The number of people that survived in the realistic story (p. 337)
21.The body part of the zebra that was broken (p. 120)

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