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Into to the Animal Kingdom

Outline of general animal knowledge: animal habitats, lifestyles, and feeding patterns.

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4.Animals that eat BOTH meat and plants
6.Animals that eat ONLY meat
9.Only ONE animal in a group
14.Animals that live in water ONLY
15.Animals that have a backbone (Birds, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, mammals )
17.A group of vertebrates that have scales, lay eggs and use lungs to breath
18.The entire neighborhood, including plants and the animals and their "houses"
19.Animals that do NOT have a backbone
20.A group of vertebrates that live in water and land
1.Animals that are usually active during the day , and asleep at night.
2.The "houses" of several groups of animals. They live in ONE "neighborhood"
3.A group of vertebrates that have feathers and lay eggs
5.A group of vertebrates that produces milk and hair
7.Animals that can live in water AND on land
8.Animals that are usually active during the night, and asleep in the day
10.Animals that live UNDERGROUND ONLY
11.A group of vertebrates that have scales and fins, and uses gills to breath
12.Animals that eat ONLY plants
13.Animals that live on land and ABOVE ground ONLY
16.More than one animal in a group. They all share ONE "house"

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