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Medical Emergencies


2             3
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2.A blood clot that forms in a blood vessel and remains there, slowing the flow of blood and depriving tissues of normal blood flow and oxygen.
6.An abnormal bulging of an artery due to weakness in the blood vessel; may occur in the aorta, brain, leg or other location.
9.The level of glucose circulating in the blood; measured by a glucometer.
11.A brain disorder characterized by recurrent seizures.
12.A blockage in an artery or a vein caused by a blood clot or fragment of plaque that travels through the blood vessels until it gets stuck, preventing blood flow.
13.A life-threatening complication of diabetes in which very high blood sugar causes the patient to become unconscious.
15.A condition in which there are decreased levels of oxygen in the blood; can disrupt the body's functioning and harm tissues; may be life threatening.
16.A disorder in the brain's electrical activity, sometimes marked by loss of consciousness and often by uncontrollable muscle movement; also called a convulsion.
17.A disorder characterized by difficulty or inability to produce or understand language, caused by injury to the areas of the brain that control language.
1.A condition that produces stroke like symptoms but causes no permenant damage; may be a precursor to a stroke.
3.A disruption of blood flow to a part of the brain, which may cause permanent damage to brain tissues.
4.A condition in which too little sugar is in the bloodstream, resulting in lower than normal BGL's.
5.A condition in which too much sugar is in the bloodstream, resulting in higher than normal BGL's.
7.A term used to describe the loss of consciousness; also known as fainting.
8.A type of generalized seizure in which there are minimal or no movements; patient may appear to have a blank stare; also known as petit mal or non-convulsive seizures.
10.An acronym to help remember the symptoms of stroke; stands for Face, Arm, Speech and Time.
14.A life threatening illness in which the body is overwhelmed by it's response to infection; commonly referred to as blood poisoning.

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