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Language Arts Puzzle

By: Asya

Study your words...

1 2 3
4                 5            
  6               7
8 9                     10
11             12 13 14      
18         19  
20             21 22 23      
    25       26    
  27     28     29                            
30     31             32          
34         35               36        
    38             39                
40           41                  

4.Forming a real thing or instance in a story
5.Its a short story that teaches a lesson or shows the truth
6.A form of mockery
9.When a writer refers to something else in the world; bible, story, piece of art.
11.Forming an image in writing by using the five senses; touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste
15.A short but very interesting story
16."Im so hungry I could eat a horse"
20.When humour is used to make fun of human weaknesses
23.A form of play on words that are usually humorous
27.The feelings the reader gets from a piece of literature
29.Giving a inanimate object human like characteristics
30.Words that are put together but are not meant to be together, Eg...old news
32.The feeling that the speaker betrays in their literature
34.A piece of literature that is difficult to under stand makes it.....?
36.When words are used to show a meaning that is opposite to the literal meaning
37.Backing up or justifying something using a fact or explanation
38.Forming a word with a sound... Eg: "BAMMM"
40.A object in the story that has a deeper meaning
41.Informal conversation in other words normal conversation
42.When vowels repeat creating a rhyme
1.Dramatic entertainment usually by a single speaker
2.A comparison using like or as "She was like a butterfly"
3.The opening to a story that gives background details to the story
7.Pointless writing that teaches nothing
8."If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger.”
10.When the author gives clues to what might happen later on in the story
12.Poetry without patterns
13.A statement that gives the purpose of a story
14.Is like a verse used in narrative writing or a song
17.Categories of literature
18.A sentence that seems inconsistent and it eventually reveals the truth
19.A comparison or contrast that are place side by side
21.Arranged in an order based on the time it happened
22."Sue sells sea shells on the sea shore"
24.Making patterns by giving two or more sentences similar forms
25.When every detail about a character is known
26.When a piece has little to no similarities
28.Dictionary definition of a word
31.A comparison not using like or as
33.The definition of a word based on how it is used in a story
35.Finding similarities in things that are not similar
39.A funny copy of a piece of literature

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