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Scriptures about Friends (Needed)

Chet Speegle

This puzzle explores the theme of friends helping one another while serving God. Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends (Jn 15:13).

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19 20              

6.Made a covenant with David; I loved him as my own soul (1 Sm 18:1, 3)
7.Jesus called me his friend and loved me (Jn 11:5, 11)
8.City where I told my friends the things Jesus did for me (Mk 5:19-20)
10.I helped Joseph pepare and bury Jesus' body (Jn 19:38-42)
12.A person who has friends must have this character (Pr 18:24)
13.I prayed for my friends because God was angry with them (Job 42:7-10)
14.While others feared, this man introduced me to the apostles (Acts 9:26-28)
16.David's friend whose advice helped him defeat Absalom (2 Sam 15:37)
20.My friends begged that Peter come and help me (Acts 9:38-39)
21.No greater love can be shown than to lay down this for your friends (Jn 15:13)
22.Job had how many friends to mourn with & comfort him (Job 2:11)
1.I sent friends to tell Jesus to not trouble Himself with me (Lk 7:6-7)
2.I invited my close friends to hear Peter speak saving words (Acts 10:24)
3.These things are said to be faithful from a friend (Pr 27:5-6)
4.My friends cared for me when I was held captive (Acts 24:23; 27:3)
5.A beloved friend of Paul and Timothy (Philemon 1)
8.When not meeting their expectations, they forsook Me and fled (Mt 26:56)
9.A man's advice to a friend is said to be sweet or sour? (Pr 27:9)
11.The time of day a friend might come needing help (Lk 11:5-8)
13.I was called a friend of tax collectors and sinners (Lk 7:34)
15.We should do this with our friends (Lk 15:6, 9)
17.Expressing this, rightfully, is needed at times with our friends (Job 32:2-3)
18.I sent a present of the spoils of war to my friends (1 Sm 30:26-26)
19.I would not depart from Naomi though she urged me to (Ruth 1:17, 4:15)

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