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The political systems

Irina Panova

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1.what word stands for a queen/a king/a tsar
10.they elect the members of the Parliaments
11.What branch of the political power does the Prime Minister lead?
12.a set of fundamental principles according to which a state is governed
13.non-elected members of the British Parliament
15.it is signed by the President
2.the role of the Queen in the UK political system
3.the number of sets the leading party has in the Parliament
4.a group of the most important ministers in the UK
5.the official head of the UK
6.D.Medvedevs leads it now (since May 2012)
7.the head of the USA
8.the party that challinging the official policy
9.What branch of the political power is the Suprime Court?
12.the name of the USA Parliament
14.the lower House of the Federal Assembly

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