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Miriah: Behind the scenes


Getting to know me!

1 2
3 4 5    
6                   7  
10               11                    
12                       13       14
15   16                  
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      20 21    
22                 23                
  24                   25      

6.My favorite melon
8.My favorite non-sweet guilty pleasure food. (Hint: common carnival fare)
10.My favorite color
11.My favorite summer smell. (Hint: floral)
12.My favorite ice cream
15.My favorite herb. (Hint: parsley, sage....)
18.My favorite massage modality (Hint: often called lazy man's yoga)
22.My favorite sashimi
23.My favorite meal
24.My favorite utensil
25.My favorite area to kiss on a man
26.My favorite language
27.My favorite band from the 60s
1.My favorite Audrey Hepburn movie
2.My favorite cheese (Hint: french, not bleu)
3.My favorite cooked fish. (Hint: flatfish commonly found in Alaska)
4.My favorite meat
5.My favorite season
7.My favorite author (Hint: he wrote one of the quotes I sent you)
9.My favorite vegetable
13.My favorite type of jewelry
14.My favorite fruit
16.My favorite area to be kissed
17.My favorite sweet guilty pleasure food. (Hint: cold)
19.My favorite Lord of the Ring's character
20.My favorite time of day
21.My favorite aromatherapy scent. (Hint: it's a shade of my favorite color)
22.My favorite, if rarely drank, soda

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