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Rehana Yusif

1             2 3 4
    6     7            
  10                       11
13               14      
    15               16        
17     18            
  19         20                 21
23 24 25           26         27    
    28                 29         30      
  35       36     37             38

1.terms without variables
5.mathematical statement in which the value on the left equals the value on the right
6.a straight line on the coordinate plane where all points on the line have the same y-coordinate
8.an algebraic expression containing two terms
10.a property that allows you to multiply the term in front of the parenthesis by each of the terms inside the parenthesis
12.the locations in a graph where the line/curve crosses the X-axis (trees have this also)
13.an algebraic expression containing only one term
15.Lines that intersect at a 900 angle are _________
17.a diagram displaying data
19.how many times a particular number is a zero for a given polynomial
22.to reduce an expression/number to its simplest form
25.the number which is multiplied by one or more variables
28.a number that when squared gives a negative result
29.where the line crosses the X or Y axis is called the X and/or Y _________
31.a number that can be written as a fraction with integers as the numerator and denominator
32.two lines that have the same slope are ________
33.a number that measures the steepness of a line, usually expressed by the letter m
35.the number you add to another number to get zero is it’s_______
37.a certain line test that is used to determine whether a function is real or not, if it intersects the line more than once than it is not a real function
39.an equation that makes a straight line when graphed
2.an algebraic expression containing three terms
3.the number which makes a function zero (Synonym of roots)
4.the lowest point on a parabola
5.shows you how many times the number is to be multiplied by itself
7.the point where two lines meet
9.an expression whose value or sign is used to classify whether the roots are real or imaginary
11.a real number that cannot be written as a fraction
14.a number usually represented by i which stands for the square root of negative one
16.a set of values that represents an exact point on a graph
18.An expression made with terms, which are combined by using addition, subtraction and multiplication, but not by division
20.a number that can only be divided by one, and a polynomial that cannot be factored
21.An equation where the highest exponent of the variable is two
23.an answer that can be substituted for a variable that makes the equation true
24.numbers/expressions multiplied together to get another number/expression
26.a binomial formed by taking the opposite of the second term of a binomial
27.when dividing polynomials one can use long or __________ division
30.containing a variable to the third power
31.An expression that has a square root, cube root, etc.
34.a math _____ is a vocabulary word that represents math definitions
36.Number such as Positive or negative, large or small, whole numbers or decimal numbers are all part of this group. Numbers that are not imaginary
38.the slope formula, y=mx+b, forms a straight ____ on a graph

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