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Intravenous Medication Exam Revision

Susan Huffer

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1.A potential complication of peripheral IVT when a clot forms along the inside of the vein
3.PICC dressings are changed after the first 24 hours and every _________ days after that
5.The type of IV therapy when water is the priority
7.Low blood potassium levels
10.The type of IV therapy used when it is necessary to replace fluids, electrolytes and blood products in acute illness
11.When 2 or more medications or IV fluids must not be administered togeether
13.An infusion of PRBCs must be complete within ______ hours of commencement
14.When fluid is run through an intravenous line to expel air
16.A potential complication of peripheral IVT when a vesicant fluid leaks into the tissues causing necrosis
18.A potential complication of CVC insertion involving the lung
22.A small sealed glass vessel containing medications for IM, IV or SC injection
23.The smallest syringe size to be used when administering medications or flushing a PICC
24.A potential complication of CVC insertion if the tip is inserted into the right atrium
25.TPN solution must be changed every ______________ hours
2.TPN stands for?
3.A complication of IV therapy when blood levels of a medication rise too rapidly due to rapid administration
4.Low blood levels of calcium
6.High blood potassium levels
8.The tip of a CVC rests in this large vessel
9.To mix powdered medications with a compatible intravenous solution
12.A potential complication of CVC insertion if aseptic technique is not adhered to
14._________________ inserted central catheter
15.An inert substance such as N/Saline used to dilute a medication prior to administration
17.A small glass vessel with a rubber stopper usually containing powdered medications
19.A blood donation obtained from the patient who is to receive the blood transfusion
20.A large volume of fluid or dose of a drug given intravenously and rapidly at one time
21.A colloid intravenous fluid

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