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Math Content


Math Terms

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1.a cost that occurs on a regular basis (2 Words)
5.intrest paid on the principle & its accumlated intrest (2 Words)
12.a pyramid with a square base and 4 congruent triangular faces (2 Words)
14.used to calculate lengths of sides & meausres of angles in triangles
2.a drawing that uses orthographic projections (2 Words)
3.the value of an investment or loan at the end of the term (2 Words)
4.a visual representation of 3D objects in two dimensions (2 Words)
5.a financial product that can be used both as an alternative to cash spending both online and in stores (2 Words)
6.the value or attribute that occurs most often in the set of data
7.non-linear growth represented by an exponential relation& a graph with a downward curve (2 Words)
8.an expression of the form ax2+bx+c (2 Words)
9.the longest side of a right triangle
10.a verticle line that passes through the vertex of a parabola x=a (3 Words)
11.a graph that uses pictures or symbols to represent variable quantities
13.the graph of quadratic relation

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