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Act 2, Scene 2

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1.A young man of Athens, initially in love with Hermia and ultimately in love with Helena
5.A young woman of Athens, in love with Lysander
9.Oberon wants to take the little ______ boy from Titania
10.King of all fairies
11.Oberon _______ Titania's eyes with the love juice
13.Nationality of Hermia, Helena, Lysander, and Demetrius
16.Where Puck and Oberon squeezed the love juice in
17.What Titanis falls in love with (A man with a ________ head)
19.A young woman of Athens, in love with Demetrius
20.Also known as Robin Goodfellow, Oberon’s jester
2.The rhyme scheme that this scene is written in
3.What the Athenian people wore
4.Queen of all fairies
6.The flower gives Oberon ______ potion
7.What Oberon wore on his head to symbolize that he is the king of fairies
8.A young man of Athens, in love with Hermia
12.Where the scene takes place
14.Oberon gets the love potion from a ______
15.What Puck wore on his back to symbolize that he is a fairy
18.What Oberon wore on his back to symbolize that he is a fairy

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