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Geology Crossword

Arline Volkle

1 2
3 4                         5  
      7 8     9
  12           13
18       19  
      20   21          
  22   23              
25         26              

3.The edge where two plates meet.
10.The point on earths surface directly above the spot where energy is released.
11.Rock made from layers of sediments/ particles
15.Earthquakes happen here
16.Two plates sliding past eachother.
17.The Igneous subtype that cools and hardens outside of a volcano.
18.A mixture of naturally occuring substances, mostly minerals
20.The sedimentary subtype that has broken rock fragments.
22.The Igneous subtype that cools and hardens inside a volcano.
25.Hot melted rock under the earths surface.
26.Rock that comes from magma.
1.The matamorphic subtype that has no visual layers
2.The metamorphic subtype that has visual layers.
4.Hot melted rock on the earths surface.
5.What the land is broken up into.
6.The never ending process where rocks change from one type to another.
7.Two plates moving towards eachother.
8.Two plates moving away from eachother.
9.The sedimentary subtype that contains the remains of living plants/ animals
10.The shaking and vibrating of the earth.
12.Rock made from an existing rock that has changed.
13.The sediment subtype where sediments dissolved in water.
14.The uneven heating and cooling inside of the earth.
19.A liquids resistance to flow
21.Lava blasted into the air (ex. ash, cinders, and volcanic bombs)
23.Ocean waves generated from earthquakes on the ocean floor.
24.The actual location an earthquake occurs. (where energy is released)

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