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2 3       4
5               6
7     8         9            
    12 13
14     15 16        

3.Gamma radiation cannot pass through this metal.
5.This poisonous metal was used as make-up in the 1800's.
7.This gas should not be confused with Superman's weakness.
9.A metal that will make you as mad as a hatter!
10.The most reactive group 1 metal.
11.This metal is in your blood.
16.This inert gas is used in light bulbs.
17.This metal replaced steel in fizzy drinks cans.
19.Over 70% of the air is made up of this gas.
1.This metal is needed for healthy bones and teeth.
2.The lightest element.
4.A radioactive element named after a planet.
6.This vital gas is needed for you to live and allows things to burn.
8.This group 1 metal burns with a purple flame.
10.The most reactive non-metal element.
12.The hardest natural substance.
13.This metal is used in many alloys and has the symbol Sn.
14.This element burns with a bright white flame.
15.This element is used to make computer chips.
18.A metal used to make jewellery.

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