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Renata Funari

1 2 3         4 5
6   7 8       9 10
11                         12        
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    25 26

2.Help maintain digestive tract health (117)
11.Fibers that dissolve in water (111) (2 Words)
13.Durable energy storing compounds (128)
14.Fibers that do not dissolve in water (111) (2 Words)
16.Helps the body maintain blood glucose (127) (2 Words)
17.Has the ability to convert glucose into fat (129)
18.Gel-like consistency that flows relatively slow (111)
19.Monosaccharide that make up the sugar in milk (108)
20.Green plants make carbohydrates through this process (107)
21.Tough fibrous structures of fruit (111) (2 Words)
22.The first organ to respond after a meal as the blood glucose rises (127)
24.Molecules that attract or bind with other molecules (118) (2 Words)
27.Mathmatical expression of both the glycemic index and carb. content of food (128) (2 Words)
28.Acidic fat related compounds (126) (2 Words)
29.The green pigment of plants that capture energy from sunlight (107)
30.The storage form of glucose in animals and human beings (110)
1.The sugar that only slightly increases blood glucose on the glycemic index (129)
3.Stimulates glucose storage as glycogen (127)
4.Long chains of sugar units arranged to form starch or fiber (107) (2 Words)
5.Undesirable high concentration of ketone bodies in blood or urine (126)
6.Difficult, incomplete or infrequent bowel movements (116)
7.The most important monosaccharide in the body (109)
8.Double sugars (107)
9.Ranking of foods according to their potential for raising blood glucose levels (128) (2 Words)
10.Glucose Occurring in long strands of glucose units (108)
12.Single sugars (107)
15.“Carbon and Water” (107)
23.Breaks down liver glycogen (127)
25.Where digestion of most starch begins (119)
26.Hoards 2/3’s of the body’s total glycogen to use for physical activity (127)

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