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Industrial Revolution Vocab #2

Mr. Andrew

2     3
4 5         6
8       9    

2.person who tells you what to do at work. I don't want to make my ______ angry.
5.People who exercise have more ________.
7.to not allow. My mom said, "You can't watch that movie." She _______ me to see it.
8.A computer is a _______ that makes life easier.
11.able to do. We can ______ to buy a new car.
12.a rule of a country. Attacking a police officer is not allowed. It is against the _____.
13.opposite of same. My friend goes to a __________ school.
1.black rock used to make energy. _____ was burned to create steam.
3.an over-populated, poor neighborhood. _______ are very dirty and crowded.
4.top of something. The _____ of the cave came down.
6.I don't have ______ money to see the movie.
9.to make better. I have to _______ at basketball this summer.
10.Our new house was _________ last week.

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