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Skills for Success

Laura Schade

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5.The qualities we see as desirable and most important.
7.One's preferred manner of acquiring, using, and thinking about knowledge.
8.The inner power that makes us move.
9.The way the read/write learning style is used.
11.An assessment of the match between a product or activity and the goals it was intended to meet.
13.A technique involving continuous, nonstop writing, without self-criticism, for a fixed period of time.
14.A verbal listening learning style.
15.The physical and emotional response to events that threaten or challenge us
1.A technique for generating ideas by saying out loud as many ideas as can be thought of in a fixed period of time.
2.a list of what you do during your day.
3.A method of structuring written material by graphically grouping and connecting key ideas and themes.
4.The way we recieve information
6.Tactile learning style with body movements.
10.Ranking tasks from most important to least important is setting these.
12.Learning style by looking at graphics.

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