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Intro to Computerized Medical Office Procedures

Ms Crystal

Vocabulary puzzle for Chapters 3 and 4


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1.Money owed by a business for unpaid purchases is ________.
4.Method in which a group of patients is scheduled at the top of the hour and seen in the order of arrival is called _______.
7.Moned owed to a business by others is called________________.
10.electronic data interchange
11.A patient that does not show up for his/her appointment is called a ____.
14.assignment of benefits
16.Patient's history has four elements: _______, history of the present illiness, review of systems, and past family or social history.
17.Amount that the insurance carrier allows for the procedure.
19.List of transactions in chronological order for a given day or range of days is called a _________.
21.Office visit sscheduled for an establish patient to follow up a previous diagnosis or treat new acute symptoms is called a________.
22.Document that shows the amount a patient owes to the medical office is called a ______.
23.Debts and other financial obligation of a business are called____.
2.Office visit scheduled for someone being seen at the practice for the first time is called a ________.
3.Routine examination to determin a patient's overall health is called a ______.
4.Patient who arrives at the medical office without an appointment is called a _______appointment.
5.Blue Cross and Blue Shield
6.System in which a portion of patient statements are prepared at regular time intervals throughout a month rather than once is called______.
8.Method used to schedule 2 patients at the same time is called_______.
12.Scheduling system in which patients are seen in the order they arrive at the medical office.
15.Money coming into and going out of a business is known as ______.
18.______________is a two-digit code used to clarify or modify a procedure's description, when necessary.
20.________________ is subjective information provided by the patient.
22.Always ___________ your work and entries when using a Practice Medical Office System.
24.explanation of benefits

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