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DWH Claim Form Terms


Settlement WordsThirty (30) days from the date of entry of the Final Order and Judgment of the District Court ruling upon final approval of the Settlement.

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2.The Claim Form that each Claimant who seeks losses under the Seafood Compensation Program must complete and submit, and which the Claimant will verify under penalties of perjury.
3.An entity that began operations before November 1, 2008, and that, after May 1, 2010, but before December 31, 2011, either (a) ceased operations and wound down, or (2) entered bankruptcy (through the filing of a petition for bankruptcy protection in a court of competent jurisdiction), or (3) otherwise initiated or completed a liquidation of substantially all of its assets.
5.An entity that is an end user of Seafood such as a restaurant, fish market or super market for which 25% or more of total food costs for 2009 constitute Seafood.
6.Thirty (30) days from the date of entry of the Final Order and Judgment of the District Court ruling upon final approval of the Settlement.
8.Nutria, mink, otters, raccoons, muskrats, alligators, and other wetlands and coastal wildlife.
9.A factor by which Claimant Lost Income may be multiplied as defined and agreed to in the Economic And Property Damages Settlement Agreement.
11.An Individual with earnings during 6 or fewer consecutive months during the Base Year(s) but who was not employed as of April 20, 2010, and who as of that date had accepted an offer of employment for a later period in 2010 which subsequently was withdrawn or amended during 2010 after the Spill.
16.The job held or secured by the claimant as of April 20, 2010, for which the claimant seeks compensation and for which causation requirements under the Framework for Individual Economic Loss are satisfied.
17.A business that satisfies the Tourism Industry definition and is located on a parcel of property with a boundary within 100 yards of any location at which the Claimant made or arranged for Covered Sales.
18.Event held in Economic Loss Zone A, B or C at any time during May through December 2009 and/or May through December 2010,
19.Businesses which provide services such as attracting, transporting, accommodating or catering to the needs or wants of persons traveling to, or staying in, places outside their home community.
20.A written statement submitted under penalties of perjury, which may be submitted electronically, along with any attachments, but which must be manually signed by the person making the statement and reflect such manual signature.
1.Reasonable and necessary accounting fees related to claims preparation, either directly to the claimant, or counsel if individually represented (and/or his or her or its accountant) and/or through services made available by and through Class Counsel.
4.A business at which boats first land their catch, including facilities for unloading and handling Seafood.
7.The date that the Settlement becomes effective, which is after the Court grants “final approval” of the Settlement and any appeals are resolved.
10.An entity or Natural Person that purchases Seafood in bulk quantities and sells to retailers such as restaurants, fish shop and supermarkets.
12.The date that the Failed Start-Up Business began operations.
13.Claimant’s earnings in the Compensation Period in the Claiming Job that would have been expected in the absence of the Spill.
14.It must include 90 or more consecutive days between April 21, 2010, and December 31, 2010, except for claimants who are in the Primary Seafood Industry for which the time period is 90 or more consecutive days between April 21, 2010, and April 30, 2011.
15.It is a six-digit code used by various agencies to classify business establishments according to the primary revenue-producing business activity conducted by that entity.

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