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1.North American Free Trade Agreement
4.An area containing much soil moisture
5.In the early 1900's this community was considered BC's bread basket
6.A place where fish are grown in a controlled environment (2 Words)
8.A kind of logging that is controversial
12.This natural resource is taken for granted by many British Columbians
16.The fastest growing industry since 1998 (2 Words)
19.Has long been practiced in BC, although less than 10% of BC's land is suitable
21.One of the oldest industries in BC, starting before Europeans
23.This resources caused many "rushes" of people in search of money
24.One of three types of fishing regulations
25.an important food source to many, they have even included fish in their myths
27.The number of product that can be replaced by new growth (2 Words)
30.A sector of the tourist industry that focuses on wilderness areas
31.a government group that regulates the selling of products to protect a regions economic interests (2 Words)
33.once vast in numbers; has now dwindled
34.Solid rock underneath looser materials such as soil
36.The majority of BC's natural gas and coal production is _____
37.have been an important industry for Canada
38.One percent (31,000) of BC's population employed in the ____ and ____ industry (3 Words)
2.This BC natural resource industry accounts for 45% of all of Canada's production
3.This is a major factor in determining the outcome of a crop
7.Respect for the Earth and it's resources; commitment to protect the environment
9.A second one of three types of fishing regulations
10.Waste left after the mining process
11.raw and unchanged
12.an imaginary line between two drainage basins
13.The idea that resources should be conserved
14._____ is a relatively new industry in the Okanagan
15."Splendour _______" is BC's motto
17.Uses water to create power
18.An underground water source usually composed of saturateed sand and gravel deposits
20.Areas that are suitable for agriculture are challged by demands
22.Economic value added through secondary production (2 Words)
26.In 2010 BC's energy was 5% of BC's Gross _______ product
28.A community and it's environment functioning as an ecological unit
29.Vancouver has become known as _______ North
32.Tumbler Ridge was established for this type of mining
35.This industry recently got a boost from the winter olympics

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