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Patrick Flanagan

A puzzle dealing with commercial fishing

3   4
6   7                  
9               10  
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  15                 16
  17 18        

2.Country which is one of the largest producers of farmed salmon in the world.
7.Part of the Cod family but illegal to substitute other species for this
8.A mollusc but not a squid
9.What kind of bread is found on Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco?
12.Product we get off of fish and is a delicacy, especially by Japanese
14.Species of crab found near San Francisco
15.A relative of the King Crab
18.After Salmon mate, what do they then face?
19.A toxin which kills and found in cans of seafood like Tuna
1.A whale is a what?
3.A national program for prevention of food illnesses caused by bacterias
4.We have wild fish but also another type
5.Clam Chowder comes in two colors, white or ?
6.Research Center where Shirley Temple's husband works as a marine biologist
10.Many fishermen use mechanic power; this is the alternative and more modern
11.An algae which usually affects oysters and makes them dangerous to eat
13.Species considered to be the top of all salmons
16.A tool used to catch crabs
17.What federal agency controls fishing in the U.S.?

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