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Citixenship and Government in a Democracy

Dr. Reimer

This exercise is designed to complement Chapter 1 of Civics Today.

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3.the study of the rights and responsibilities that accompany citizenship.
4.the use of violence against others to reach a political goal
8.a feeling of loyalty to one’s country
10.the process of gaining citizenship in a country
11.structure that is empowered to serve the will of the citizens of a country
12.Plan for making and spending money
15.decisions are made by a vote of at least 51% of a group (2 Words)
16.to expel a person from the country they are in to their home country and bar re-entry
17.government in which all decisions are made by a vote of all citizens eligible to vote (2 Words)
1.leaving one area and going to another
2.-government in which citizen choose a smaller group of people to govern them. (2 Words)
5.person that moves from their home country to a new country to live.
6.governmental structure that has all power held and executed by one person.
7.course of action the government takes in response to an issue or a problem. (2 Words)
9.a native or naturalized person who owes allegiance to a government
13.governmental establishment in which the voters hold the power to government
14.person in a country who is not a citizen of that country

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