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The Constitution

Dr. Reimer

This exercise is designed to complement Chapter 3 of Civics Today

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4.governmental set up that separates power between the Central, State and Local Governments
6.Powers spelled out in the Constitution the Federal Government has (2 Words)
7.The first ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States (3 Words)
9.Powers that are held by The Federal, State and Local Governments, e.g. taxation (2 Words)
16.The constitutionally provided limitations that each of the Branches of the Federal government has (3 Words)
19.compromise in the Constitution that counted every five enslaved persons as three (2 Words)
20.A change that is added to the Constitution
21.powers not given to the federal government by the Constitution that are reserved to the states (2 Words)
1.principle that the law applies to all, even those who govern (3 Words)
2.A gathering of 55 men in Philadelphia PA, from May to September 1787 (2 Words)
3.the branch of the federal government that is made up of the US Supreme court (2 Words)
5.The branch of federal government which is headed by the President of the United States (2 Words)
8.-decision made at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 that created our bicameral legislature (2 Words)
10.dividing powers between different branches of government (3 Words)
11.an introductory paragraph, such as the first paragraph in the US Constitution.
12.the group of people that actually elects the President and Vice-President (2 Words)
13.a tax that is levied on the amount of money a person makes (2 Words)
14.fact that the voters have the real power in the United States (2 Words)
15.branch of government that creates laws (2 Words)
17.name given to a group of American politicians that were opposed to the ratification of the Constitution
18.a political party that was formed in the 19th century

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