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The Bill of Rights

Dr. Reimer

This is designed to complement Chapter 4 of Civics Today

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1.group of citizens empanelled to determine if there is enough evidence to bring a person to trial (2 Words)
3.a tax that had to be paid in order to exercise tour right to vote (2 Words)
5.a formal bringing of charges against a person
6.-formal request for government action.
7.the nonpolitical rights of a citizen (2 Words)
11.making false or injurious statements about a person by stating them publicly
15.Making false or injurious statements meant to harm someone in print
16.to treat someone or a group of people differently simply because they are different
17.separation of people based on race.
19.--a legal process by which a governmental body can force a person to sell property (2 Words)
2.following constitutional procedure for every person at all times (2 Words)
4.refers to policies that take factors including "race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin (2 Words)
8.court order allowing law enforcement personnel to search a person’s home or place of business (2 Words)
9.to be tried twice for the same crime (2 Words)
10.singling out an individual as a suspect due to their ethnicity (2 Words)
12.singling out an individual as a suspect due to their ethnicity (2 Words)
13.The governmental act of determining what material may and may not be seen, read, heard, or broadcast
14.The right to vote
18.-Cash put on deposit with a court as a promise to appear at a later time for adjudication

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