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Dr. Reimer

This exercise is designed to complement Chapter 6 of Civics TodAY

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6                                     7
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2.refusal to sign a bill or resolution
4.holding of a bill by the president until congress adjourns, thus killing the bill (2 Words)
6.Right of Senators and Congressmen to send out job related mail free of charge (2 Words)
8.To formally bring charges of misconduct against a government official
9.The Party with the greatest number of seats in the Senate or House (2 Words)
10.legislature consisting of two parts or houses
11.representative of an interest group that contacts lawmakers to influence their decisions
13.resolution that is passed by both houses of congress (2 Words)
15.drawing an election district to purposely favor one party over another.
18.Those powers that congress has and are spelled out in the Constitution (2 Words)
19.government projects or grants that primarily benefit a congressman or senators home state or district (2 Words)
21.procedure used in the Senate to limit debate on a bill
22.an individual that lives in a Senator or Congressman’s district
23.voting method in the Senate where members must cast their vote by voice in turn (2 Words)
24.a completely unrelated amendment tacked onto a bill
25.a law that would allow a person to be punished for an action that when committed was not against the law. (4 Words)
1.The Party with the fewest number of seats on the Senate or House (2 Words)
2.voting method using Yea for yes, and Nay for no
3.an organization of people with a common interest that tries to influence an elected officials decisions (2 Words)
5.Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution, also called “Necessary and Proper” Clause (2 Words)
6.an attempt to talk a bill to death in the Senate
7.powers that congress has that are not spelled out in the constitution (2 Words)
12.a court order that requires police to bring a prisoner to court to explain why they are holding the person (4 Words)
14.permanent committees that continue their work from session to session in Congress (2 Words)
16.years of service which is taken in consideration in committee assignments
17.a law that punishes a person accused of a crime without a trial (3 Words)
20.population count done every 10 years
21.the day to day work of a Congressman or Senator on behalf of their constituents

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