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Short STory Review


Short Story Terms Review

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2.Langauge that appeals to the five senses.
6.Reference to a statement, person, a place, or events from history, literature etc.
7.The central message or insight into life revealed through a literary work.
9.Giving human qualities to non-human things.
12.Fully developed character; has many traits.
13.The series of events that make up the plot (two words, no space).
14.The point of view or narrative voice that uses "I" is called _________ person.
16.A major character or force that opposes the main character.
18.A character who changes as a result of the story's events.
20.To show a characters through their words, actions, thoughts etc. is what type of characterization?
22.Directly omparing two unlike things (not using like or as). "Juliet is the sun."
23.The present scene in the story is interrupted to tell what happened in an earlier time.
24.Uncertainty or anxiety the reader feels about what is going to happen next in a story.
1.Comparing two unlike things using like or as. "She is as beautiful as a horse."
3.The part of the plot that introduces character, setting, conflicts.
4.The main character of the story who changes as a result of the events in the story.
5.clues that the drops to hint at what is to come in the story
7.The point of view or narrative voice that could centre on a single character's thoughts. It uses "he", "she".
8.The incident that happens and sets the plot in motion is referred to as the __________ incident.
10.When the opposite of what is expected occurs.
11.The narrative voice or point of view that is all-seeing, all-knowing.
15.The type of conflict in which the main character struggles with outside forces.
16.The emotion that is conveyed through the description of the setting.
17.An object, person, or event that functions as itself, but also stands for something more than itself.
19.The highest point of interest in the story, after which the falling action and resolution happen.
21."He was a genius." This statement exemplifies which type of characterization?

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