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words said last friday


1       2                  
  3 4
5                   6 7  

1.a form in which the poet establishes a precise number of syllables to a line, without regard to their stress, and repeats them in subsequent stanzas
5.the use of a line that 'runs on' to the next line, without pause, to complete its grammatical sense
8.a rhythmic pattern in which the stress regularly occurs on the first syllable of each foot (??)
9.three four-line stanzas and a couplet, rhymed abab cdcd efef gg
2.a fixed number of stresses per line or stanza regardless of the number of syllables that are present
3.an octave and a sestet; typically rhymed abbaabba cdecde, it has many variations that still reflect the basic division into two parts separated by a rhetorical turn of argument
4.poetry that does not follow the rules of regularized meter and strict form. however, these open forms continue to rely on patterns of rhythm and repetition to impose order
5.a rhetorical and poetic figure in which a visual object (usually a work of art) described in words
6.unrhymed iambic pentameter
7.a figure of speech that relies on a likeness or analogy between two things to equate them and thus suggest a relationship between them
8.the basic unit, consisting of two or three syllables, into which a line is divided in scansion. verse is labeled to its dominant __ and the number of __ per line

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