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Class and stratification

S. DuBois

Sociology In Our Times ch. 7

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1.a condition that exists when people may be able to afford basic necessities but are still unable to maintain an average standard of living. 2 words
4.a type of power, gets you what you want because others have no choice or do not realize how they are being manipulated. 2 words
8.the contrmporary transformations in the basic structure of work that are permanently altering the workplace. 2 words
9.a system of stratification wherein one's position in the hierarchy is based on merit and individual effort, that results in greater control over financial resources. 2 words
10.proletariat, those who must sell their labor to the owners in order to earn enough money to survive. (2 words)
11.the trend in which women are disproportionately represented among individuals living in poverty. 3 words
12.the social movement (upward or downward) of individuals within their own lifetime.2 words
14.the federal income standard that is based on what is considered to be the minimum amount of money required for living at a subsistence level. 3 words
17.the hierarchical arrangement of large social groups based on their control over basic resources. (2 words)
20.refers to the cultural resources that are deemed worthy (such as knowledge of elite culture) and that give advantages to individuals and groups possessing such capital. 2 words
21.a type of power, gets you what you want because others recognize your right to tell them what to do; it is considered appropriate, if not necessarily desirable. 2 words
22.a reduction in the proficiency needed to perform a specific job that leads to a corresponding reduction in the wages for that job 2 words
25.a feeling of powerlessness and estrangement from other people and from oneself.
26.Max Weber’s term for the extent to which individuals have access to important societal resources such as food, clothing, shelter, education, and health care. 2 words
27.goes along with social mobility, Ascribed system ex. Caste; It was for life and was inherited, Based on occupation and religion, The hierarchically-ordered five main castes contain many sub-castes, Interactions between castes are governed by rules about purity and pollution, Marriage is restricted to one’s caste, Each caste controls certain occupations. (2 words)
28.a hierarchy in which all positions are rewarded based on people’s ability and credentials.
2.the social movement (upward or downward) experienced by family members from one generation to the next. 2 words
3.according to Max Weber, the ability of people or groups to achieve their goasl despite opposition from others.
5.Karl Marx's term of the class that consists of those who own and control the means of production. (bourgeoisie) 2 words
6.combined measure that, in order to determine class location, attempts to classify individuals, families, or households in terms of factors such as income, occupation, and education. . (2 words)
7.relatively low-paying, nonmanual, semiskilled positions primarily held by women, such as day-care workers, checkout clerks, cashiers, and waitpersons. 3 words
13.segments of a population whose members hold a similar share of resources. (2 words)
15.the movement of individuals or groups from one level in a stratification system to another. (2 words)
16.a level of economic deprivation that exists when people do not have the means to secure the most basic necessities of life. 2 words
18.a system of beliefs/knowledge that justify particular social arrangements, including
19.goes along with social mobility, Stratification based on ownership and control of resources (“resources” typically means $$), Achieved (but also inherited), Open (but significant barriers to entry) (2 words)
23.the respect or regard with which a person or status position is regarded by others.
24.- the value of all of a person’s or family’s economic assets, including income, personal property, and income-producing property.

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