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MOD 250

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1.most common phosphor used for CR imaging plates is barium fluorohalide with______
6.computed radiography stores images with these
10.how many seconds will the erasure process begin if a CR cassette is opened & the plate is exposed
15.when CR imaging plate is scanned, the phosphors of the latent image release energy in the form of
16.type of scanner that first digital imaging in radiology was introduced
17.must be followed with digital-based systems to ensure that ALARA concept is being utilized
19.barium fluorohalide with europiium is used as the______ that absorbs the x-ray energy in the CR plate
20.# of steps required for indirect conversion of x-ray energy for DR systems
22.digital images are often processed w/unique #'s that indicate the amount of exposure at the
27.storage phosphors in the CR plate are hypersensitive to small levels of scatter
28.for digital radiography it is better to overpenetrate a body part than
29.device that processes latent image in digital radiography
30.in CR, the image must be turned into digital form by analog to digital ____
2._________ phosphor plate in CR to stores digital image
3.device that glows when hit by high-energy x-ray photons
4.necessary for digital mobile radiography
5.converts light into an electronic digital signal durint the 2 part conversion system
7.# of sides of collimation that should be seen on a digital image
8.the two most common post processing techniques are contrast enhancement & ____
9.conversion in which detectors convert x-ray energy directly into an electrical signal
11._______digital x-ray system termed: computed radiography
12.digital radiography replaces traditional ____
13.purpose of the photostimulable phosphor plate is to store the image of the body part until
14.visalized in digital radiography images that are underexposed
18.CR imaging plates can be ___ to enable two separate exposures on one plate
21.the ability to see images expediently is an ____ of using CR & DR
23.when a CR plate is inserted into the reader for processing, the phosphor is scanned with a
24.system used to view & store digital images
25.PACS system used to view & store ____ x-ray images
26.conversion system that uses a two-part process to convert incoming x-ray photons to an electronic digital signal

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