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Kiwi Knowledge

by Kirsten Rasmussen

1 2
3           4
6 7        
9     10                  
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3.One of the Kiwi’s favourite food.
5.Where do Kiwi’s sleep?
7.What bank is promoting saving the Kiwi.
10.The kiwi species is now on what list for animals under threat of extinction.
11.The Kiwi's name doesn’t come from its call, but from the Polynesian name for the Bristled- Thighed Curlew called ______.
15.How many species of Kiwi are there?
16.Which Kiwi bird is larger of the two sexes?
18.It’s average body temperature is _______ degrees C. It is 2 degrees lower than other birds and two degrees higher than humans. (6,5)
19.Kiwi’s sleep during the day and eat at night.
21.Kiwi’s mate for life.
22.What is at the end of the beck?
23.Baby kiwis are covered in _______.
1.Kiwi populations are starting to grow again, by 2020 they are expected to_______ .
2.How many toes does a kiwi have?
4.What government department monitors the Kiwi Sanctuaries?
6.Bird icon for New Zealand.
8.Bird which can’t fly are called?
9.How many Kiwi sanctuaries are in NZ?
12.Name a species of Kiwi. (colour)
13.Auckland writer and educator Maria Gill wrote a programme for protecting Kiwis called ‘Operation ____ ____’.(4,3)
14.Kiwi’s lay large eggs. What percentage of the body is the egg?
17.What do you call the different types of animals that kill kiwis?
20.An acute sense on a kiwi is it’s ______.
21.A relative of the kiwi which is now extinct. (very large)

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