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Crossword Assignment

Adrienne McMeekin

Terms we have learned

1 2   3         4
6     7    
          9 10  

2.Breaking of a part, especially a bone
11.Condition in which swollowing is difficult or painful
12.Arteries that supply the liver
13.Telscoping of one part of the intestine into an adjacent part
14.Pertaining to one side
15.produce slow contractions to allow unconscious of internal organs
1.Inflammation of the Pancreas
3.The main trunk of the arterial system that begins from left ventricle of the heart
4.Straightening of the joing or increase in the angle between two bones
5.Act of listening to body sounds and usualy involves the use of a stethoscope
6.Loss of blood usually in a short period of time
7.Accumulation of fluid in the lung tissue
8.Return of swolled food into the oral cavity, passive event compared with the force involved with vomiting
9.High blood pressure
10.measures the amount of pressure exerted against the walls of the vessels

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