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Disney Channel/JESSIE (Season 1 Episodes)


How well do YOU know Disney Channel's original family comedy, JESSIE? We'll soon find out! (CE) There are no spaces between separate words for filling in the answers! I would advise you to print the crossword puzzle out in order to solve it, or you could do it online!!!! :) Just keep your iPad or laptop close to you while watching the show! Good luck! KEY=E1=Episode 1; AKA=Also Known As

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4.What is the name of Episode 5? ___ ___ Wonders. (2 Words)
6.E19: What was thought to be Angela's objective? To _____ Jessie's job.
8.E9: What were Luke and Zuri trying to search for? _____ that they both met Jordan Taylor.
9.What is the name of Episode 6? Zuri's ___ ___ Friend. (2 Words)
10.E16: Jessie _______ the Ross kids for pranking Mrs. Chesterfield.
12.E6: What were Emma, Luke, and Ravi trying to steal from Central Park at night? A toy ________.
16.E8: Who locked up Jessie, Emma, and Luke inside a toy jail cell? Officer ________.
17.E13: In Zuri's medieval story, Ravi was a expert _______.
20.E4: What type of tournament did Trevor challenge Luke, Ravi, and Jessie to enter in Central Park?
21.E14: Who shunned Jessie and Zuri from Central Park?
22.E13: Who was supposed to be Jessie's dinner date?
24.What is the name of Episode 14? A Worldwide ___ __ ____. (3 Words)
26.E8: Why were Ravi's defense mechanisms very high? Earlier that day, Zuri accidentally, yet only told him about _____ _____'s bad qualities. (2 Words)
31.What is the name of Episode 19? ____ _____ Two. (2 Words)
32.What is the name of Episode 17? _________.
36.E12: What were Jessie and Zuri trying to steal back from Mrs. Chesterfield's apartment? A _____.
37.E20: What place did Luke and Ravi get trapped? Inside a giant ______.
40.E3: Why did Ravi try and warn Luke about his bad karma? Because of his nonstop ________.
41.E2: Luke helped Emma finish her project for her ___________ class.
42.E1: What vehicle did the Ross kids take while trying to run away? A __________.
46.E10: How come Luke was trying to avoid his brother? He was afraid that Ravi would _________ him.
50.What is the name of Episode 15? The ___ _________. (2 Words)
52.What is the name of Episode 16? Gluedunnit? A ______ _________. (2 Words)
53.What is the name of Episode 2? The ________ Mr. Kipling.
54.What is the name of Episode 13? The ________ and the Pea Brain.
55.E6: Who was Zuri's new friend in her building? Nana ______.
56.E15: Emma, Ravi, and Zuri found out that Bertram was a _______.
57.What is the name of Episode 11? Take The A-_____....I Think?
58.E11: What were Bertram and Luke searching for to exterminate? A ______.
1.E10: What was the name of Ravi's new school? ______ Academy.
2.What is the name of Episode 10? Are You ______ Than A 5th Grader?
3.What is the name of Episode 12? Romancing The _____.
5.E12: Emma, Luke, and Ravi were trying to make a ______ video.
6.E3: What special type of clothing did Zuri wear in the screening room? A ____.
7.E16: Who switched Mrs. Chesterfield's hair gel with "Stay Stuck" glue?
11.What is the name of Episode 9? ____ ____. (2 Words)
13.What is the name of Episode 3? ____ _____. (2 Words)
14.E19: Who was Agatha's identical twin sister?
15.What is the name of Episode 1? ___ ____, New Nanny. (2 Words)
16.E9: Emma was _______ because a movie star asked Jessie out for a date.
18.E18: What was Zuri's final talent decision for the Little Miss Big Apple Beauty Pageant? Doing a _________.
19.What is the name of Episode 18? ______ and the Beasts.
23.E5: Jessie and Luke were arguing while trying to make a _____ _____. (2 Words)
25.E17: What was the name of Zuri's small tree?
27.E1: Why did the Ross kids hate Jessie at first? During dinner, without warning, she ________ them.
28.E20: What was Jessie's most traumatic experience? Her ______ ____. (2 Words)
29.E4: Who was Emma's best friend? _______ Epsteen.
30.E11: Where did the cultural fair take place in NYC? _______ ____. (2 Words)
33.E14: Bertram was teaching Luke and Ravi how to wrestle because of their constant ________.
34.E5: Emma advised Bertram to create a _______ picture.
35.What is the name of Episode 7? ______ ______ Comes A Callin'. (2 Words)
38.E15: Jessie treated Luke like a ___ because he was hardly listening to her.
39.E2: Who at first didn't allow Ravi's pet to stay in the building? Mrs. ____________.
43.E7: Connie was trying to torture Luke to go to the dance because she thought Jessie was his __________.
44.E17: What lesson did Emma learn from Jessie? Never date someone who would be a bad _________ on you.
45.E7: What did Ravi and Zuri warn Bertram about? Their horrible ___________.
47.What is the name of Episode 8? A _________ Story.
48.What is the name of Episode 20? ______ In A Teacup.
49.E18: Luke and Ravi were experimenting on _______.
51.What is the name of Episode 4? ______ Tea Party 5.

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