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Year 9 Chemistry Crossword

This crossword is based on all the work you have done this year!

1         2   3 4
  5               6
7 8            
  9               10          
12           13        
15   16                      
    18               19
  20 21              
      23 24                
25                         26  
  28 29                          
30           31
  32               33            
35           36                          
37     38            
39                       40          

1.This group 2 element burns with a red flame
5.Type of salt formed from sulphuric acid
7.Substance produced in the reaction between an acid and metal or metal compound
9.A liquid non-metal
10.Indicator that can be red or blue
11.Fire triangle - Heat, oxygen and _________
12.Gas produced when group I or II metal reacts with water
16.Name of group I (2 Words)
17.Gaining oxygen
18.Rings when struck
21.Word used to describe adding more solid than needed to completely react.
24.Main component of air
25.Fruit used to make a natural indicator
27.Elment, symbol "Hg"
29.Produced when magnesium burns in air (2 Words)
32.Apparatus used for heating solids in
33.A substance were all the atoms are the same type.
35.Anhydrous copper sulphate tests for this substance
36.Limewater tests for this substance (2 Words)
38.A horizontal row of the periodic table
39.Only contains carbon and hydrogen atoms
40.Colour of sulphur powder
2.How group I metals are stored (2 Words)
3.An soluble metal oxide or hydroxide
4.Oxygen does this to a glowing splint
6.An insoluble metal oxide or hydroxide
8.Solution with a pH less than 7
13.A reaction that produces heat
14.Thermal ______________ - When a substance is broken down by heating
15.Metal that doesnt react with acid
19.Elements in the same group have the same _______
20.Speeds up a chemical reaction without being used up
22.Element with two of the same atoms joined together
23.Name of the reaction between an acid and an alkali
26.Father of the modern periodic table
28.____________ and pestle
30.Common name of a weak acid found in the home.
31.A pH of 7
34.This halogen sublimes to form purple vapour
37.Scale used to describe the strength of an acid or alkali

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