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The Judicial Branch

Dr. Reimer

This exercise goes with Chapter 8 of Civics Today.

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5.-A court that reviews decisions made in lower courts (2 Words)
9.the courts calendar, showing the cases they are to hear
11.written document explaining the position of one side or another in a court case
12.federal courts where trials are held and lawsuits begun (2 Words)
14.to send a case back to a lower court to have it tried again
15.the authority of a court to hear cases for the first time (2 Words)
16.a detailed explanation of the legal thinking behind a court’s decision in a case
17.Decision made by at least 5 members of the Supreme Court (2 Words)
18.the authority of a court to hear a case appealed from a lower court (2 Words)
19.the area over which a court has authority
1.earlier decision that shapes other decisions
2.Opinion written by a Justice that disagrees with the Majority opinion (2 Words)
3.practice of using earlier judicial rulings as a basis for deciding cases (2 Words)
4.authority for both state and federal courts to hear and decide on cases (2 Words)
6.power of the Supreme Court to determine if a law is Constitutional or Unconstitutional (2 Words)
7.a statement written by a justice that votes with the Majority, but for their own reasons (2 Words)
8.those cases which can only be heard by Federal Courts. (2 Words)
10.in line with the Constitution of the US
13.the area of jurisdiction of a federal court of appeals

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